A set of multi-tools from China…

A set of multi-tools from China…

– the steel is soft and the wire cutters are jammed on hard materials (for example, fish hooks) https://jiji.com.gh/mobile-phones/nokia-1-8gb Now it has a few words in Russian praising the Chinese manufacturer with grammatical errors. In the set I have chosen there is a tool with tungsten alloy jaws – GANZO G-302B SE. True, I still had to read the mantra several times: “I don’t need Chinese knives anymore!” 4. Well, enough words, let’s look at interesting pictures. Three Phillips screwdrivers PH3, PH2, PH1. The answer to the letter came to the support that instead of money, the Chinese are ready to send goods from the store.
In the box, a case with a tool and instructions.
You can identify the tools by the model number stickers. Creases appear.
The multi-tools came wrapped in bubble wrap and tape. There are pliers, a wrench and wire cutters.
Laser engraved logo and model number on the handle. During the operation of the 301st, I realized that of all the tools, pliers, wire cutters and
bits. Five hexagons H6, H5, H4, H3, H2. It’s also faked there – there really is no “Nail file” and “Ruler” tool – a file and a ruler. The handles of the tool have gray plastic inserts. The following are fixed in a rubber cage: I decided to leave this beast to myself to be torn to pieces and not to give to friends. The tool is made in the design "a la skeleton", but with the presence of all sorts of decorations. Overview of the G-301 GANZO G-202, G-301, G-302B Special edition.

Fortunately, you can do it yourself – the bit size is standard – a 6 mm hexagon. The main tool is pliers. It was found that the site was updated and the affiliate program was updated. This was surprising, because Exdact has always been famous for packing knives and tools in thick corrugated cardboard boxes. Caution – the text is long.
All tools are installed on the axis farthest from the pliers and unfold from the folded position. – the gap between the jaws of the pliers (a family trait of multi-tools from Ganzo). 3. 1. And I would like a couple of running torxes for adjusting the knives. Bit holder I’ve been familiar with the G301 for a year and a half and introduced mysku.club readers to this tool.
The texture of the surface is satin. The remaining members of the trio are the well-known 301st and the simpler 202nd. The latter has no tool holders. Over time, it comes off (usually because of hand-to-hand friends who decided to subdue a curiosity) During the operation, the multitool proved to be on the positive side, helping me in every possible way on fishing trips, in the car, at home and at work.
We look at the multitool. But some jambs also came to light: Matted electrochemically very evenly. Pictures too.

A set of multi-tools from China. At the same time, the handles do not diverge far from each other and it is convenient to work. All multitools have the same set of bits. Three slotted 7, 5, 3 mm. Open the case and see the bits wrapped in polyethylene and the multitool itself. The ridges of one on the sponge coincide with the troughs of the other. 2. The sponges are 7 mm thick at the base and 3.3 mm thick at the tips. Experience shows that steel is too soft for cutting steel wire. – there is no file among the tools, but one is needed. The cheaper one and the packaging is not rich. I didn’t use knives and other useful things – a knife is always in my pocket anyway, and I rarely open beer, preferring aluminum cans. — the compartment in the case for a set of bits makes it difficult to insert a multitool. The plastic packaging failed to preserve the appearance of the boxes in their original state, and they were slightly flattened at the corners. I haven’t visited knife stores for a long time, but, remembering that I had an account in the affiliate program in Exdact, I went to check its status. Sadness… Freed from polyethylene shackles and gave freedom. Now let’s move on from the general to the specifics – let’s look at the tools from the multitool. Or even replace all the hexagons with torxes. Since I have a lot of knives and my priorities have changed not in favor of Chinese steel, I decided to stock up on multitools, looking forward to my friends’ birthdays.
A twisted spring is installed at the base of the handles, which spreads the tool.

I chose the most expensive kit, consisting of the G202, G301 and G302B SE models. But convergence is not perfect: Many letters. The pliers are notched. The plastic bags look like they’ve been used. Looks pretty decent. The instructions show another model of the 200 series.

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