N.Deng trekking shoes

N.Deng trekking shoes

N.Deng trekking shoes

This is not unboxing. I am writing a review based on my own experience of using; more than a month now
Shoes are largely universal and are normally suitable for walking in the forest park, jogging https://jiji.com.et/car-parts-and-accessories/scania and even for playing "ball". Under the cut is my subjective story about this.
First of all, I want to focus on delivery. She is instant, I’m not afraid of this word. The parcel reached the Leningrad region in 10 days. The courier of the transport company on a telephone conversation agreed on the conditions and brought to work. The packaging is also top notch. There was no factory box, but the sneakers were very securely wrapped in a bag with air cells (none of them burst), so they came whole and not deformed.
Well, let’s start!
Sneakers are sewn of suede. There are no complaints about the quality of the main (load-bearing) seams, the lines are even. There are some minor flaws, of course. And I do not hide them, but by and large they are all either insignificant or imperceptible.

The toe is reinforced with a leather insert, and the sole is quite high, so that it allows you to overcome even small fords.

Or snow porridge.

The tread pattern is pronounced enough to confidently walk on off-road and rough terrain. Mud, sand, snow, etc. obstacles are easily overcome.

Of course, such troubles as a wet root on a slope are not subject to this sole and it is better not to step on them. Although the latter probably applies to any footwear, except for professional mountain hiking boots.
Yes, they are questionable.

Speaking of snow. If the height of the cover is such that the snow does not fall inside the boot through the bell, then walking in the snow in these sneakers is comfortable. I mean, it’s not cold. I focus attention. It is to walk, that is, to move.

This is partly due to the insulating properties of the heel trim material (light grey), but more to the quality of the insole.

Which, although made of synthetic material, keeps the heat well. But not moisture(!) So for autumn walks (= as well as for the pider St. Petersburg winter), I would recommend replacing it with felt, well, or from another, more absorbent material.

As for convenience. Of course, everything here is purely individual and is due, among other things, to the anatomical shape of the foot. But I would separately focus on the deep cutout of the bell outside. Such shoes are perfect for a person with an outstanding ankle bone.

The second convenient point is the long lacing – this allows you to vary the degree of fixation of the shoe throughout the foot and is suitable for people with a non-standard (often high) instep.

Another indisputable advantage of this solution is the possibility of almost complete opening of the boot for drying. I am sure those who have dried their shoes on a hike at least once will understand me.

We should not forget about such quality of shoes as weight. More precisely, its absence. After all, the traveler lifts and carries these hundreds of grams with each
These shoes (or rather one of the pair) weighs 370 grams.

Nike sneakers, which are made entirely of mesh and textiles, weigh 314g.

Aggressive adidas, which the heroes of the review see off for retirement – 403g.

And the leather boot from the set builder overalls – 459

Overall, I’m happy with these shoes. These boots quite skillfully combine light weight, ergonomic comfort and reliable protection.
It is also worth noting the full compliance with the dimensional grid. I wear shoe size 42, which is what I indicated in the order.

Sneakers were on time. The length of the insole for size 42 was about 27.3 cm.

The model corresponds to the European system of shoe sizes.
Relatively light weight.
Easy to adjust to the individual shape of the foot
Can be dried quickly.

± Wide range of colors; including bright
± Memorable tread pattern.
± Service is close to ideal for an online store
± Demi-season model. Not suitable for hot summer. (For St. Petersburg – all year round)))

— The insoles are not orthopedic
— Not all holes for lacing are equipped with eyelets
You can find fault in some places. For example, why are the aglets (tips) of shoelaces plastic and not metal?
But these nitpicks do not change the overall picture: shoes are good for their purpose and do a good job.

p.s. Now I say goodbye. Be kind!
Overview from the side.

The product was provided for writing a review by the store. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules

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