Overview of the DIGMA FreeDrive…

Overview of the DIGMA FreeDrive…

Hello everyone! Today we will consider a basic combine that can record video with a resolution of 2304×1296 at 30 fps and simultaneously detect radars and cameras.
There are three more buttons from the second side end.
The great thing is that you can insert any charger, as the power supply has a pass-through cigarette lighter connector 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz
And glass fuses — Spare fuses; — Instructions and warranty card.
60W cigarette lighter power supply with a 1.5mm connector. Video recording frequency (at the specified resolution): 30 fps; On the glossy cardboard of the front side of the box, photographs of the appearance of the combine are printed. Display resolution: 320*240 Viewing angle of the first camera: 170 °;
The box is waiting for us: The Mini USB cable is also the easiest
There are no complaints about the suction cup, although it is the simplest, it holds the registrar well, additionally making it possible to adjust its position relative to the horizontal surface. Tuning modes Image sensor (sensor): OmniVision OV4689; The display of the registrar, as it were, comes out of the anti-radar housing. Cable length 1.5m.
On the right, beautifully made slots that also work as ventilation, and also placed a memory card tray and a miniHDMI and mini USB connector / on this side there are 3 more control buttons for the recorder. They are responsible for selecting the radar detection mode, muting the alert sound, and adjusting the screen brightness. Display diagonal: 2.7"; Route/City 1/City 2 Video format: MP4 (H.264);\

Details This device has an initial price for similar devices, but it is quite worthy in terms of features and quality. 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
Well, on the back of the box, the technical characteristics of the device and assembly data are written
The card reader is also the simplest of the category, it’s nice to have Ka-band
Well, on the forward-facing part of the device, a registrar lens and a receiver eye for radar and camera signals were placed. — The device itself; The device is delivered in a tight box, designed https://jiji.ug/cars/mercedes_benz-c180-2004 in the spirit of the company. — Power supply in the cigarette lighter; – Holder – suction cup; A 2.7-inch display was placed in front, covered with a visor from direct sunlight. The device looks like a kind of hybrid of a classic radar detector and a DVR. 10.525 GHz ± 100 MHz K-
I have no complaints about the assembly, everything is clearly and firmly assembled, the buttons are pressed without play and bounce. Radar detector characteristics — Card reader;
There is also an image of the recorder on the side of the other side of the box X-band Processor: Ambarella A7LA50;
Possibilities of anti-radar are painted on the side. Here are the cameras and radars that this complex can detect. —USB-miniUSB cable; The arrow buttons are used to navigate through the menu items, and when the settings are closed, the lower one turns off the sound of the recording, and the upper one blocks the current video file from being overwritten.
On the top we can see the cutouts for the suction cup, ventilation holes and two buttons: on / off and ok / start recording band HD recording: 1296p; Button M – opens the settings menu.

Overview of the DIGMA FreeDrive 710 GPS, combined with a radar detector

On the underside there is a sticker with model data, a microphone and many ventilation slots.

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